What is the purpose of the survey?

Your organisation has undertaken to conduct an Employee Engagement Survey to measure and benchmark how employees perceive "how things are done around here"

The survey will provide an understanding of collective employee thoughts on what we do well and what we need to improve. It will also provide information on levels of employee satisfaction.


Who is completing the survey?

All employees, including managers, have been invited to complete the survey. Completing the survey is optional, however the more contributions we receive the more accurate and reliable will be the final result.

We strongly encourage you to take 30 minutes to complete the survey as your honest contribution is critical to its success.


How will the information be presented to the organisation?

The survey has been designed specifically for your organisation. When the survey is closed the data will be collated using statistical analysis techniques.

The summarised information will be presented in a report in tabular and graphical formats for the entire organisation and cross sections of it. The report will also outline employee thoughts on opportunities for improvement.


What will the organisation do with the information?

The final report will initially be presented to the senior management team who will be responsible for the employee feedback process, including the establishment of action plans. As this is an initial survey it will be an important benchmark tool into the future to measure the success of any initiatives.


How do I know my information will be confidential?

Employees participating in the survey process can be assured of their anonymity as all data is collated and analysed by external consultants, the survey web site is hosted off site and all information is held on a database external to the organisation. The cross sections of the organisation have been developed to ensure that no area has less than 5 employees and only aggregated information will be provided in any reports.


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